That's quite a mouthful isn't it? In the internet age we expect more and more that looking up information, buying things and in this case registering for classes be completely online and very easy to complete. We have evaluated numerous systems over the years and the top two are MindBody and JackRabbit. Neither one provides the ideal solution for the kind of online experience we would like to provide but they are currently the best out there for dance studios.

MindBody was designed primarily for yoga and fitness studios. It is best for drop-in classes and its online registration system is geared towards adults with an individual account signing up for their own classes. It is painful to use in the case of a parent signing up their child for class.

Jackrabbit was designed primarily for dance studios with parents registering their children into classes. Its registration system is built around a family concept. For adults it can be confusing and has very limited drop-in class support.

Given that we have large programs for both children and adults we use both systems in the areas where they are strongest. If you are a parent registering your child into class you will most likely only need to register and become familiar with JackRabbit. Once you have registered here you will use the login link at the top of your page to access the parent portal and keep up to date with your child's schedule. If you are an adult taking drop-in classes then MindBody is the system for you and you can easily sign up for classes here.

Older teens (and their parents) who wish to start taking adult level drop-in classes will need to have accounts in both systems. This can be confusing. The main thing to keep in mind is that JackRabbit is for parents and MindBody is for the dancers themselves. When your teen is ready to sign up for adult level classes please be sure to set up an account for them in their own name using MindBody. Important Note: If you as a parent also take adult classes then be sure to use a different email address for your teen. Usually we have found that by the time a teen is ready to take adult classes they have their own email address but please let us know if you have any questions or issues setting up an account for your teen.


  • Individual Dancer Account
  • Adult/Teen Level Classes
  • Older Teens and Adults
  • Use the Sign-Up buttons on the Adult (or Summer) Program Page


  • Family Account Concept
  • Student Level Classes
  • Teens and younger
  • Use the login link at the top of the page