Desiree Fernandez

— Office & Social Media Manager, Competition Liaison

Desiree Fernandez

Office & Social Media Manager, Competition Liaison

My 10 years training as a dancer and 4 years training as an actor led me to my path as second-year graduate student in the MA Program in Theatre Arts at SDSU. I am an early career dramaturg and performer, interested in dance and movement-based performance. I graduated from Soka University of America, located in Orange County, in liberal arts gathering the tools to create a dance documentary field around institutional and federal funding through the understanding and evolution of dance today as my thesis project. 

My craving for performance and love for research led me to my interest in dramaturgy. I am interested in nontext-based performance and how audiences and dancers interpret the phenomenological nature of movement. I have worked on and performed in various theatre productions in San Diego.  

Working at Pacific Arts Dance Center, I hope to increase studio literacy through social media. My current research is furthering the discovery and discussion of dance dramaturgy and how it differentiates or collaborates with the text.