Adult/Drop-in Class Schedule

2017-18 SchedulE


Calendar View

The calendar view below is provided as a general guide and does not reflect the most up to date information. Please refer to the list view or program pages for the most up to date information. Classes and details are all subject to change.

Teacher Key: AD- Amanda Daly, ADC - Ana da Costa, AW - Angela Watkin, AR - Anthony Russell, BC - Barbara Chatelain, CT - Chrissy Trinh, CB - Christina Biggin, DN - Diana Nicastro, FT - Freddie Thompson, IY - Igor Yurlov, JP - Jayne Persch, JQ - Justin Quandt, KC - Karen Coleman, KJ - Kayla Niva, KB - Kevin Belisario, LB - Lauren Brown, MA - Marie Arts, MB - Marisa Boucher, MJ - Mary Johnson, NE - Niara Eustace, SB - Shelbi Buchholz, SN - Shocka, TC - Tony Calucci
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