Ballet Academy

— Our Pre-Professional Ballet Academy prepares our dancers for a career in the performing arts. Whether a dancer desires to be a professional ballet dancer, or continue their dance studies at a top college dance program, our Ballet Academy gets our dancers prepped and ready to have the most options for their dancing careers.


Training Levels

Our Ballet Academy is accelerated. This ballet track focuses on learning choreography quickly, mastering ballet technique and understanding what correct muscles to use. Our dancers are focused on building physical strength and endurance, as well as becoming stunning performers.  The Ballet Academy is a Performance Track and all ages of dancers in the academy must perform in our full-length productions. 

Ms. Marie Arts is the Artistic Director and Production Director for the 2018-2019 Season along with Ms. Amanda Daly as School Director of all Ballet Classes at the studio, and Mr Igor Yurlov as Ballet Master.  Ryan Beck is a teacher and choreographer in the Ballet Academy and Ana da Costa a teacher. 


Ballet Academy Program Highlights

  • Our two main stage performances at California Center for the Arts are “The Nutcracker Ballet”, Dec. 15th & 16th and the addition of a full-length production June 15th & 16th, “Beauty and the Beast
    • We will also keep our popular In-Studio Choreographers Showcases, Imaginarium” in April. 
    • Optional additional performance opportunities in-studio and around the community.
    • Opportunity for Ballet Competitions (YAGP) as solos or ensemble groups in your Training Level Performance Company. 
  • Private Lessons and additional coaching are always available. 

PADC's Ballet Academy is more of the fast track, accelerated program to becoming a ballerina that can definitely work together with the R.A.D syllabus, exam program also at PADC. Ballet Academy students must audition to get into the Ballet Academy track and classes. 

In the Ballet Academy, students are trained and then expected to learn combinations quickly, develop the strength and endurance required of their level, and also continuously perform, as Ballet is a performing art form, not necessarily just a great way to stay in shape. All in a supporting, holistic and piste environment that supports the dancer as a whole.

Marie Arts has continually fined tuned her Ballet Academy philosophies and program. She often team teaches with her children's program teachers so they refine their teaching skills and develop a keen eye for corrections. We also explain the corrections to students in a way that they understand for their age and development. Students develop a deep understanding of the technique, what correct muscles to use and why, and form an intelligence in the classroom/studio and on stage where they truly embody the work and understand it for themselves.  As the students progress in their training, they are continually exposed to professional, top-notch teachers in the field.

Parents Love our Ballet Academy Program! 

Unlike many (dance) schools in the area, PADC is a serious  studio without all the unnecessary fluff. What I admire about the program is that art and learning come first. Dancers shine plenty without the need for outrageously priced costumes and make-up. Marie and Amanda emphasize personal development tailored to each individual 


  • Class requirements, 2 to 9+ classes a week (depends on level). 
  • Our Training Levels are levels 1 thru 5, with levels 4 and 5 being divided slightly into a 4a, 4b and 5a, 5b. The Competition Teams must take their Ballet requirements in the Ballet Academy classes. 
  • Elective classes provide dancers the chance to diversify their training. 
  • Performance requirements, one to two main stage performances and one in-studio performance.

Required Ballet Classes:

  • Training Level 1 – 5

Ballet Electives:

  • Contemporary Ballet, 1hr
  • Classical Ballet Variation, 1hr 
  • Extra Pointe classes, 1 hr
  • Character, 1 hr
  • Jazz Fusion
  • Modern
  • Jazz (in Training Level)
  • Lyrical (in Training Level)
  • Acting/Improv
The girls did an excellent job today....Amazed how much they learn in one week. Thank you for a great week of camp and such a wonderful group of teachers. Being a parent, I know that my girl is in the right hands. How comforting and joyful it is!!!  Thank you Marie and Amanda!!!
Thank you for an amazing presentation. Today I learned what it means to be passionate about dance. Your program makes a student not only understand the fundamentals of dance but to fall in love with the art of dance. Students are extremely lucky to be a part of your studio. Thank you.
 PADC dancers in our gorgeous in-door/out-door Studio A studio & venue. 

PADC dancers in our gorgeous in-door/out-door Studio A studio & venue.